Week of May 25, 2021

Ramsey Families, we made it! 

Please see the Weekly Communication slides for updates over the summer concerning 6th Grade Orientation, and Registration for ALL students. See slide 4 for updates on Summer Learning Opportunities!  Don't forget to review the Updated 21-22 Dress Code as well! 

We are thankful for our amazing families and wish everyone an awesome last week!  Have a WONDERFUL SUMMER! 

Important Reminders: 

  • Chromebook Collection- ALL STUDENTS WHO WILL NOT BE AT RAMSEY NEXT YEAR, MUST RETURN THEIR CHROMEBOOK. If you are attending a JCPS school next year, you will receive a new Chromebook from that school. 
  • Promotion Ceremony- The promotion ceremony will occur from 8:30-9:30 am on 5/25 for our A Group and 5/27 for our B Group. Promotion materials were sent home. The event will be live streamed for families because guests are not allowed. We're excited to celebrate our 8th graders! Virtual students will have a drive-thru on Friday, May 28th from 11-1 to pick up promotion materials. Reach out to for any questions. 
  • Dress Code Update- The 21-22 dress code has been approved through our Equity committee, SBDM, and student unions. You can find it HERE to get a head-start on clothes for next year. You'll find it to retain the flexibility we had this year, while respecting the need for our students to dress like the professionals they will become!
  • Summer Learning- Dates for JCPS summer learning were sent out. We will release Registration schedules and any other Ramsey offerings before the end of the year so our families can plan ahead. 

Welcome to Ramsey Middle School
where our students are Respectful Accountable Motivated Successful .



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FAX: (502) 313-3520

School hours are from 7:40 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.